2020 Outdoor Camping Trip Planning Complete Guidance

2020 Outdoor Camping Trip Planning Complete Guidance

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  • 21 August, 2020

Before going out for a camping trip, you will need a plan first. You need to decide choosing what types of camping, where and when will you go to, what activities will you do during the camping. Also, you need to consider what outdoor camping gears you will take. A well prepared camping trip plan will bring you more satisfaction during the camping trip.

It is super fun and exciting when you are making the camping trip plan. There are many options available for you to choose. Maybe you will feel hard to choose which place to go this weekend; or when to go to the West US to have a 15 days backpacking. No matter what kind of outdoor camping/backpacking/hiking you want to, there are some common aspects need to think about when preparing the camping trip plan.

The followings are some tips to help you narrow the choice when planning the camping trips.

 Outdoor Camping Trip Planning Complete Guidance


1. Choose the camping style you prefer.

It is better to choose the camping style first. The camping style will influence your camping plan largely. There are many options nowadays, not just traditional tent style camping. The followings will introduce some outdoor camping styles for you to choose. You may need them for your next outdoor camping trip.

Outdoor Camping Trip Planning Complete Guidance -- Car Camping

1). Car camping.

Car camping is the easiest way. It will be a good choice if you do not have a tent.

You can get large space in the SUVs, vans or trucks to put down many outdoor camping gears. And it can solve another problem, which is sleeping. You can sleep in the backseat or trunk area. Just imaging, you are sleeping in the trunk comfortably, watching the stars in the night sky, with very peaceful around, isn’t it very relaxing?

You can buy some outdoor camping sleeping pad, camping mattress or sleep directly on the floor of your car. No matter which way you choose, make sure that you will sleep comfortably and have enough space to sleep.

In addition, you can purchase a portable awning and attach it to your car. It will help you get some shade. This will make you cool in the car.

However, not everywhere is suitable or do allow car camping. If you choose car camping, make sure the place you are going to camping allow car camping first, make sure if you need any permit to park there.

Outdoor Camping Trip Planning Complete Guidance -- RV camping

2). RV camping.

RV camping is the most expensive outdoor camping way. If you do not like old fashion camping tent but still want to experience the outdoors, RV camping is a good way. According to different size and cost of the RV, you will get different experiences. It is different from car camping or tent camping.

There is comfortable bed to sleep in the RV, some luxurious RV even has bathroom and kitchen. So you do not have to worry about finding bathroom. And you can cook and prepare almost all kinds of food you want. Some meal is typically won’t be able to do if you are taking a car camping or tent camping. If there is no kitchen in your RV, you will get enough space to bring outdoor camping gears. You can keep all the essential outdoor camping gears in your RV, so that you can drive your RV and go at any time.

Outdoor Camping Trip Planning Complete Guidance -- Tent Camping

3). Tent camping

Tent camping is suitable for almost all ages. It is the old and traditional outdoor camping trip way. If you choose tent camping, you will have more inclusive options of camping places than other camping ways. You can camp you tent at a campground, or go backpacking in a beautiful place.

There are various tents available for you to purchase. Their size, shapes are also different. Before buying a tent, it is better to do some research on the tent types. Find the one you like and able to fit your future needs for your outdoor camping trips. Different tent types bring you different sleeping experience in the night, so you need to make the right choice.

Moreover, tent camping are typically a more bare-bones camping way, so make sure you have taken all your camping essentials with you if you go tent camping. For example, do you want to sleep more comfortable in the camping tent? Then you may need an outdoor camping sleeping pad. Also, a sleeping bag, pillow, and blanket is necessary. Therefore, you may need a camping checklist to include all the essential camping gears. There is another article we wrote about 2020 Essential Outdoor Camping Gears List for Outdoor Camping. Hope we can help you get some tips from this article.

Outdoor Camping Trip Planning Complete Guidance -- Glamping

4). Glamping.

“Glamping” is getting popular in recent years. It is combination of “glamorous camping”. It is a new camping way, especially for people who do not like traditional tent camping or car camping.

Glamping offers you a lot of comfort and convince, because you do not have to work a lot on camp the tent.

Also, the living conditions are also very comfortable and luxurious. Some glamping place has airstream, tent, yurt, cottage or other wonderful types of place to provide you better staying and sleeping comfort. Comparing with other outdoor camping trip, it is more luxurious and bring you much more better experience. It is good choice for upscale getaway or trip with friends.


Outdoor Camping Trip Planning Complete Guidance -- Chooose Location

 2. Choose camping location you want go to.

There are various camping places to choose, you can experience them one by one. The camping place choosing is depend on the camping type you want.

1). Choose campgrounds.

If you are not familiar with the campgrounds near you, or you do not know if there is campground at the place you are going to, it is better to do some research first. It is easy to find a campground list on the internet. You can find all of them, then decide where to go camping.

Most campgrounds allow camp tent, some also allows RV camping or car camping. You have to make sure if they allow the way you will camping. In addition, you may also have to book your stay at the campground in advance. It is easier to find campground during weekdays. In addition, if you want to take your dog or other pet with you during the outdoor camping trip, make sure the campground allows pets before you booking that campground.

2). Choose National Parks.

You may find some National Parks near you or close enough for you to drive a car to there. Just like campgrounds, you also have to book your stay in advance. You need to make sure it is available for you to go there and stay there for days. There are more than 100 places for you to choose from. You can book any of them, then visiting these locations to experience their beautiful scenery.

You can view all available National Parks locations that allow camping on The National Park Service website. Then you can plan you outdoor camping trip to these parks that suit you or you have never visit before. Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Great Smoky Mountain, Tree Grand Canyon, choose anyone you prefer!


3. Plan the camping activities.

During the outdoor camping trip, you will need some types of activities so that you can enjoy the camping time. Also, the camping activities also need to consider according to the camping place you choose. The followings are some camping activities advice to you, some may not available for your camping place. Make sure the camping place you choose to camp allow you to do these activities, and have available space, condition, etc.

Outdoor Camping Trip Planning Complete Guidance -- Fishing

1). Boating/kayaking or fishing.

If the place you are planning to camp to has river, lake, or ocean, you can consider about boating or fishing there. You can bring your own boating gears, fishing poles or find if the camping place offers boat/kayak and fishing equipment rental service. It is a more adventurous and experienced outdoor camping trip activities.

Outdoor Camping Trip Planning Complete Guidance -- Campfire activities

2). Campfire.

Campfire is another important part. Many outdoor camping places are available to setup a campfire. You can join a campsite with a campfire already setup for you, or create one by yourself. By sitting around a campfire in the evening and nighttime, you can get warmth, cook your food and have fun! However, make sure to prepared for the fire and put it out when you leave. Otherwise there might be forest fires or injure someone. Most importantly, be safe.

3). Hunting games.

If there is a group of friends camping together, you can choose hunting games or scavenger hunt. It will be full of fun and happiness. There are many hunting games ideas on the internet, you can find them to use or think the ideas by yourself. Also, it is very suitable activities if you bring kids with you during your outdoor camping trip. It helps the kids to focus on some activities.

In addition, you can change the hunting activities to explore the campsite, discover wildlife, plants etc.

4). Going for a hike.

Hiking is another easy, comfortable and fun way during your outdoor camping trips. You can explore around your camping place in the morning. Most National Park has great and wonderful hiking trails. You will find many beautiful sceneries during the trail. When you reach the mountain top, the spectacular views will amaze you!

Outdoor Camping Trip Planning Complete Guidance -- Caving

5). Caving.

Carving is another outdoor camping trip activities that you can experience special adventures. If there is cave near your campsite, you can consider about this outdoor camping trip activity. Since this kind activity has certain risks, you need to make sure you have all the proper gears first. Do not easily get into a cave without things like flashlight and other protective gears. Caving is also a good activity for teens and adults.

If you are taking your kids camping with you, here are some useful advices to help you: 17 Advices to Parents Bring Children Hiking with Hiking Backpack.


4. Choose when you start the outdoor camping trip.

When choosing the date of your camping trip, it is better to pay attention to the weather condition of your campsite. Pick a date with good weather make sure you can enjoy a nice trip. In addition, many campsites require reservation, you will have to decide where and when to camp in advance. Moreover, different season has different sceneries, you can choose different times to start your outdoor camping trip. Nobody requires that you must go camping in summer.


5. Packing your outdoor camping gears for this camping trip.

Before you going out for an outdoor camping trip, you need to prepare your outdoor camping gears first. Outdoor camping gears make sure you can survive in the wild outdoors. According to different camping type and the campsite you choose, you will definitely need some outdoor camping gears to pack. The followings are some basic outdoor camping gears your need to bring with you during the camping trip.

1). Food and water.

Basically, there will be no restaurant to provide you food and water during your outdoor camping trip. So you need to bring enough water and food for yourself and your partners. Also, you can bring some snacks, and cooking foodstuffs. In addition, to keep the food fresh and does not attract any wild animals, you can put them into bear canisters. Moreover, if the food needs to keep cool, like meats and milk, then you will have to prepare a camping cooler and ice. Bottled water and water filtration device are also helpful during your outdoor camping trip.

2). Cloth.

Before you start your outdoor camping trip, you need to prepare cloth according to the weather. You need to research the weather conditions about your campsite. If there might be extreme weather, or extreme temperature change, you will need to prepare all types of cloth. Multiple layers of cloth will be helpful in case the campsite you go to may be extremely cold or hot. Although you may not want to pack too many, but you still need to prepared for them during your outdoor camping trip. You may meet many weather conditions in the high mountains, these cloth will help you.

Outdoor Camping Trip Planning Complete Guidance -- Outdoor Camping Sleeping Pad

View about this outdoor camping sleeping pad

3). Sleeping gears.

If you just backpacking for a day and will be back in the night, then you may not need the sleeping gears. But if you will spend the night in the wild, sleeping gears are very essential. According to different outdoor camping trips you will go, the sleeping gears are also different. For example, you may need a basic outdoor camping sleeping pad and a common sleeping bag in the summer, but you will need thick and warm outdoor camping sleeping pad and sleeping bag in winter or those cold temperature camping places. You can click the link above the outdoor camping sleeping pad picture to learn more information of it. Most importantly, make sure your will get comfortable sleep in the night.

4). Toiletries.

Toiletries are another things you need to prepare according to your outdoor camping trip conditions. If there is water and bathroom at the campground you are camping on, then you may not need items like toilet paper and soap. But you still need toothbrush, toothpaste and other essentials.


Have fun during your outdoor camping trip!

Hope these tips are helpful to you when you are preparing your next outdoor camping trip. Also, different people may have different decisions and choice. Different types of camping also need different preparation and different personal experience. In general, just pick the one you like and get well prepared before you start your outdoor camping trips.

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